(from Nov./Dec. 1983 — SUMMER 2012)

Sheltie Pacesetter's back issues (from November/December 1983 through Summer 2012),  "The Telegram" (our free monthly dog owner’s newsletter) and the "Dog Owner's Encyclopedia" books  will be handled through this website.

                                        Like the original Sheltie Pacesetter magazine, our website is

                                        exclusively devoted to the development and promotion of the

                                        total Shetland Sheepdog, affectionately known as the

                                       "Sheltie."   We have developed this website to bring you a

                                        variety of Sheltie information, including issues of

                                        The Telegram (our quarterly newsletter—up to and including

                                         the Summer 2012 magazine.

          This is also the place where you may order back issues of the magazine along

          with the new and updated Dog Owner's Encyclopedia of Helpful Hints and

          Trade Secrets book (both the printed version and the ebook version).

          We hope you will visit us frequently!

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                                                                           of Dana Quinney (Clan Duncan Shelties).

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