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•  Pet Safety Guide includes chapters on food safety for pets, pet-proofing,

       along with natural disaster prep for pet owners:


•  Fur Ever Friends, Inc. promoting rescue, rehabilitation and responsible

       pet ownership:

Pet Safety Guide includes information on disaster preparedness and

      recovery advice for pet owners:


•  Pet Care a great resource on pet care:


•  Pet Safety a review of pet safety at home and out of town:


•  State Importation Regulations a state-by-state interactive map that allows        

       pet owners to easily view the specific veterinary health certificates,

       permits and vaccinations required to move your pet to a new state:


•  Pet Ownership Costs Guide for 2017 This guide examines the different 

       costs associated with pet ownership and helps you know what to expect,

       how to  plan for these expenses and potential ways to reduce the financial

       burden of pet ownership:

  1. Pet Hospice Hospice is often viewed as a humane way to see a loved one

  2.     through the most fragile moments.  Believe it or not the practice is no longer

  3.     unique to humans.  A burgeoning new industry is selling compassion for pets

  4.     in a hospice environment:


•  Educational Opportunities in Animal Care a college which offers courses    

       in the animal care industry:




  1. Love Animals?  Turn Your Passion Into a Career Find the right animal care

  2.     online course for you:

•  Pet Photography: 9 tips for taking better photos of your cats and dogs —        

        this article talks about some tips given by pet photographer, Jasper

        Stenger, on how to take awesome pictures of animals and pets:


  1. Pet Safety a interactive pet safety guide for the home:


•  Financial Aid For Pets The ultimate guide to financial aid for pets:


  1. 50 Most Popular Dog Breeds in the World packed with practical tips and

  2.     advice:

  1. •  Guide to Dispel Common Dog Breed Stereotypes — informative guide to dispel

            common dog breed stereotypes found in TV shows and movies:


  1. •  Medical First Aid and CPR For Pets — information about treating common pet

  2.             pet injuries and emergencies, pet CPR along with preventive measures:


  1. •  Dog Cost Guide information to find out what the unknown costs are in life on

  2.       all sorts of topics with this subpage focusing on dogs only.  Plus....aside from

  3.       our information (which is cited by academic journals, etc.), visitors are able to

  4.       leave the costs they paid, allowing others to see real-time costs on an

  5.       interactive map on our site, assuring visitors they are not overpaying: 


  1. •  Benefits of Pets for Kids This guide is a very comprehensive resource on the

  2.       many benefits of owning pet animals for children.  It also covers what it takes to

  3.       own a pet, why a pet is a healthy addition to any child’s upbringing, how to take

  4.       care of pets, and plenty of other useful advice and information:


  1. •  Flying With Pets Guide We created a guide that provides the most updated

  2.       information on pet travel restrictions for every airline, including emotional 

  3.       support and service animalsOur guides provides helpful information on every

  4.       aspect of pet travel, such as: pet-friendly airport and relief locations,  pet health  

  5.       requirements for each state and travel rewards and programs offered for flying

  6.       with your pet:


  8. •  How to Prepare Your Home for a Recovering Pet Guide — Awesome tips on how

  9.        to keep your pets comfortable while recovering from surgery:


  11. •  Bringing Home Your New Pet:  How to Pet-Proof Your Home Pets can find

  12.     many hazards around the home, and because of this, one should know how to

  13.     properly pet-proof their home before bringing a new furry or feathered member of

  14.     the family home:


  16. Keeping Pets Safe in the Home There are certain things that should always be

  17.     taking into consideration when animals share a house, and this guide will

  18.     discuss how you can ensure your home is devoid of danger: