1. Emergency Care For Your Dog — Essential first aid and emergency care for dog

  2.     owners:  https://www.dailydogstuff.com/essential-first-aid-and-emergency-care-for-dog-owners/

  1. First-Aid For Dogs: Prepare For The Unexpected — Even with the best of care,

      your dog can have an illness or injury which requires emergency care. 

      Included is some basic first-aid for dog so you may provide support until you

      can get your pet to a vet: https://fluentwoof.com/first-aid-for-dogs/

  1. Keeping Pets Safe in the Home — A pet is a big commitment and having one

      require preparation to ensure that your home is secure enough so they will be

      safe even when you’re not watching them:


  1. Dog Safety While Camping, Hunting and Fishing —  Dog safety for outdoor

  2.     enthusiasts covers preparation, health hazards, canine first aid kit, basics

  3.     needed items, outdoor etiquette, etc.: 


  1. Puppy Care 101: From training and behavior to puppy proofing your house, this

      guide has everthing you’ll need if you are getting a new puppy:


  1. Guide to Flying With an Emotional Support Animal — Here’s everything you’ll

     need to know to make traveling with an emotional support animal easy,

     convenient and cost-free:


  1. A Guide to Animal-Assisted Intervention — This guide explains why animal-

     assisted intervention is important, who benefits from it and discusses the

     ‘ins and outs’ of animal-assisted therapy, activities and education:


  1. Pet Friendly Assisted Living — There is a section which helps seniors and their

     families to find pet-friendly assisted living facilities:


  1. Natural Disasters: How to Keep Your Tenants and Rental Safe — Natural disasters

    are a reality landlords and renters alike must face.  Protect your property and

    ensure that tenants are safe and feel comfortable:


  1. How to Keep You Cat Off The Counter...Plus 15 Kitchen Pet Safety Tips — Besides

    the dangers a kitchen presents for your pet (think about sharp objects, hot

    objects and food they shouldn’t get into!) some pet behavior can cause damage

    to your kitchen cabinets, appliances and furniture:


  1. Six Car Gadgets for Pet Owners to Stay Safe While Driving — Since 80% of pet

    owners drive with pets in their cars, and since crashes in the USA surpass

    5 million yearly, there’s a good chance there could have been pets involved in

    some of those accidents:


  1. Your New Puppy Checklist — The most detailed guide for pet parents in 2020:


  1. Warning: Lilies Can Be Deadly To Your Cat — The ASPCA lists 407 which are toxic

      to cats.  Lilies are flowers which are toxic to cats:


  1. Name Your Pet — This is a long list of names for cats, however these names

      could be for any pet (dog, rabbit, hamster, horse, etc.).  Scroll to the bottom of

      the page for many more available names: https://www.ilovepets.com/cat-names/

  1. How to Get Your Home Ready For Your First Pet — Even if you’ve owned a pet

  2.     before, you’ll find some handy advice including: how to make your home

  3.     pet-friendly, how much to feed your new pet and what essential supplies you’ll

  4.     need to purchase before they arrive:

  5.        https://www.myjobquote.co.uk/blog/how-to-get-your-home-ready-for-your-first-pet/?msID=13b85be3-e7af-4db8-a71f-7258b2661b42

  1. Pet Proofing Your Home: Pet Safety Guide — The tips included will help you

  2.     make sure the inside and outside of your home is pet-proof: 

  3.         https://homeownercosts.co.uk/pet-proofing-your-home-guide/

  1. Birthday Party For Your Dog — A guide to help owners throw an exciting virtual

    birthday party bash for their dogs: 


  1. 12 Games For Dogs — A visual guide to keep your pup entertained, engaged and

  2.     healthy, including a DIY Agility course that uses simple items (like laundry

  3.     baskets and chairs): 


  1. How to Keep Pets Cool and Calm on a Hot Day — What about harmful UV rays and sun exposure?:  https://www.gocompare.com/pet-insurance/safety-in-hot-weather/

  1. Traveling With Your Pet Amid COVID-19 Restrictions — Information to help pet

  2.     owners stay up-to-date on changing airline policies due to the pandemic. 

  3.     Also, alternative travel options are broken down if policies are too restrictive

  4.     so that pet owners can plan accordingly for this trip: 


  1. Top 5 DNA Tests For Dogs — What a dog DNA test can tell you:


  1. Does Your Homeowners Insurance Cover Pets?— Explore the ins-and-outs of

  2.     pets and home insurance: 


  1. Cost of Owning a Dog: Before Buying or Adopting — The costs associated with

  2.     owning a dog are broken down by specific categories and the size of your breed: 


  1. 7 Tips For Driving With Your Dog — This article was put together by the author,

  2.     his veterinarian and his dog’s obedience trainer on how to safely drive with

  3.     a dog in a car—for both the dog and the human: 


  1. A Landlord’s and Tenant’s Guide to Pet Screenings: How to Create a Pet Resume  Many landlords may conduct a pet screening if you’re planning on

  2.      renting with your furry friend and this guide will help you and your pet make

  3.      a great first impression: https://www.turbotenant.com/blog/pet-screening/

  1. Allergy Proof Your Home — Easy guidelines to follow to help minimize your

  2.     exposure to allergens within your homes: 


  1. Laws and Regulations that Surround Service Animals and Their Duties — A  

  2.      complete guide to service animal laws, rights and resources: 

  3.         https://injury.findlaw.com/accident-injury-law/service-animal-laws---resource-guide.html

  4. Moving Tips for Dog and Cat Parents — Help your pet adjust to a new home: 


  1. The First 30 Days With Your New Puppy — A guide to the dates, milestone and

  2.     tips you’ll need to welcome a new member to your family: 

  3.        https://betterpet.com/new-puppy-guide/

  4. How to Travel With Pets — With a little extra planning ahead of time, you and your

  5.     pets can travel together...easily and safely: 



  1. The Power of Animals in Addition Recovery — Emotional support animals can

  2.     help people deal with trauma, stress, anxiety and addition.  Take a first-hand

  3.     look at what these animals do for people each day: 


  1. The Ultimate Guide to Adopting a Dog — Everything you need to know about

     getting your first pet—hassle-free: https://www.dogembassy.com/adopt-a-dog/

  1. Pets and Renter’s Insurance — If you rent your home and own a pet who injuries

  2.      someone or damages their property, the cost to you could be significant: 


  1. The Dog Clinic — If you love dogs, you’ll be in the right place because our goal

  2.     is to help you raise a healthy, happy and fulfilled pup:  https://www.thedogclinic.com/

  1. The True Cost of Owning Pets — Before you add a four-legged member to your

  2.     family, make sure you understand the cost of owning a pet by using this

  3.     in-depth guide:  https://www.moneygeek.com/financial-planning/cost-of-owning-a-pet/

  4. Are Your Financially Responsible Enough For a Pet? — Before you adopt your

  5.     next best friend, it’s important to know what will be required of you as a pet

  6.     owner to ensure unexpected expenses don’t send you into debt, and your pet

  7.     always receives the care they deserve: 


  1. Visual Guide to At-Home Dog Training — An animated infographic to help you

  2.     keep up your dog’s obedience training at home...including tips for crate, potty

  3.     and leash training:  https://www.couponchief.com/blog/dog-training-guide/

  1. The Ultimate Guide to Traveling With Pets — An in-depth guide about practical

  2.     tips and advice for traveling with pets: 


  1. What are Tenants and Landlords Legal Rights  It’s important that both pet

  2.     owners and landlords are clear on the rules regarding their rights:

  3.          https://www.redbrickpm.co.uk/blog/are-pets-allowed-in-flats/

  1. Travel Trips With Your Dog — An interactive guide of 12 dog-friendly road trips across the U.S.:  https://www.carrentals.com/blog/road-trip-with-your-dog/

  2. Vet Bills: Should You Get a Loan? — Help to afford emergency vet bills, a chart

  3.     highlighting organization what can help and a step-by-step guide on how to

  4.     apply for a personal loan if needed: 

  5.         https://www.personalloans.org/resources/vet-bills-personal-loans/https://www.personalloans.org/resources/vet-bills-personal-loans/

  1. Affordable Pet Care Resource — Resource guide to spend less and still treat

  2.      your pets right, including ways to save on pet care, starting with choosing the

  3.      right pet:  https://www.frugalforless.com/affordable-pet-care/

  1. CBD For Dogs: What You Need to Know — This resource provides an overview

  2.      of the chemical makeup of CBD and explains the effect that CBD can have on

  3.      pets, list of health conditions in dogs that are commonly treated with CBD and

  4.      tips for those who are considering using CBD for dogs: 

  5.           https://www.happyvalley.org/resources/cbd-for-dogs/

  1. How to Train Your Dog at Home and Save Money — An animated infographic to

  2.     help you keep up your do’gs obedience training at home.  Also included are tips

  3.     for crate, potty and leash training: 

  4.           https://www.couponchief.com/blog/dog-training-guide/

  1. Guide to Plane Travel With Your Pup — Guide to plane travel: before traveling,

  2.     costs, dog sizes, service dog rights, stress-free travel tips and packing list for

  3.     your pup:  https://etias.com/articles/plane-travel-with-pup

  4. Fire Safety For Your Pets — Learn what to do with your pet in the event of a

  5.     house fire, and how to prevent your pet from starting a first in the first place: 

  6.          https://www.mantelsdirect.com/mantel-blog/Home-Fire-Safety-for-Pets

  7. Keeping Pets Safe in The Home — Find out which foods are beneficial and which

  8.     ones are harmful to your dogs:  https://homeguides.co.uk/pet-safety/

  9. Looking For Cat Advice — #1 source for feline care, behavior and nutrition

  10.      advice:  https://catpet.club/

  11. Make a Pet Resume For Your Furry Friend — Advice on everything you should

  12.      include in a pet resume, along with an interactive generator to build on your  

  13.      own:  https://www.apartmentguide.com/blog/pet-resume/

  14. Toxic Foods Dogs Cannot Eat — Great dog and cat house ideas, along with our bet tips for what to consider and include in your pet house plans:

  15.          https://fuzzyrescue.org/food-dogs-cannot-eat/

  16. Building a Home For Your Pampered Pet — Great dog and cat house ideas, along with our bet tips for what to consider and include in your pet house plans:

  17.          https://porch.com/advice/building-a-home-for-your-pampered-pet

  18. The True Cost of Owning a Dog — A complete and thorough pos on thelifetime cost of being a dog owner:


  1. The Ultimate Guide For Traveling With Pets — An in-depth guide containing

  2.     practical tips and advice for traveling with pets:


  1. Training Advice For Traveling With Your Dog — How to keep your dog safe while

  2.    traveling in your car:  https://lovinmypup.com/training-advice-for-traveling-with-your-dog/

  1. 2020 Cost of Dog Food Study — This study looks at the prices of the most

  2.    popular dog food brands, how much extra dog owners pay for “grain free” and 

  3.    more: 

  4.           https://woofwhiskers.com/2020-cost-of-dog-food/?msID=6851f2b3-a4ca-4c9e-b8f7-08bbdbdab4e4

  1. Safety Tips For Traveling With Your Pets — This covers traveling with your pets

  2.     in cars and airplanes, along with general safety tips:

  3.             https://theclunkerjunker.com/blog/pet-travel-safety-tips

  4. Tips For Pet Owners: How To Always Get Your Pet Deposit Back — This guide

  5.     will help pet owners always get their pet security deposit back when renting

  6.     an apartment:


  1. What to Do When The Family Pet Dies: Teaching Kids About Grief — Guide on how to teach your kids about grief when yur family pet passes:


  1. The Ultimate Clean-House Guide for Dog Owners — Guide on how to maintain a

  2.     clean home and a clean dog:


  1. The Ultimate Guide for Traveling With Pets — Essential tips and advice on how to

  2.     plan for and travel safely with your pets:


  1. Dog Lovers Doing Good — On this website you will find tips, resources and support that will warm your heart:   https://ourbestdoggo.com/

  2. CBD For Pets — This resource (with the help of af ew local medical experts)

  3.     on how CBD can be used to help treat many health conditions, as well as

  4.     information about possible side effects.:


  1. Help Your Dog Adjust Moving to a New Home — Guide to help reduce the stress

  2.      of  moving:


  1. Dog Resources Guides — Lots of valuable information for dog and cat owners:




  1. Flea and Tick Sprays — A guide on how to get rid of fleas and ticks using natural

  2.     products:  https://www.mdxconcepts.com/

  1. 21 Foods That You Should NOT Feed Your Cats — A guide on which foods are

  2.      good for your cat:  https://friendlyclaws.com/food-poisonous-for-cats/

  1. Guide to Traveling with Pets Internationally — This guide is an in-depth and fully-detailed document encompassing all aspects of travel with pets:


  1. Guides and Resources for Passionate Dog and Puppy Owners — This website

  2.      contains all kinds of information for dog and puppy owners:


  1. How to Spot Signs of Poisoning— It’s so easy for dogs to ingest potentially

  2.     dangerous foods, so this is a must read for any responsible dog owner:


  1. Helping Children and Families Cope With the Loss of a Pet — This guide walks

  2.      through how to honor your pet’s life and approach questions about loss to help

  3.      families support each other:


  1. A Guide to How Animals Sleep — An in-depth article on how different species of animals sleep:


  1. A Comprehensive Guide to Co-Sleeping With Your Dog — Is co-sleeping with

  2.      dogs actually good for both of you?  Are there any drawbacks to it and how

  3.      can it affect your relationships?  Read the answers to these questions:

  4.           https://happysleepyhead.com/co-sleeping-with-your-dog/

  5. The 50 Best Blogs of 2019 — Owning a pet can be one of the most satisfying

  6.     experiences of your life, but pet ownership can also seen confusing or even

  7.     overwhelming at times.  Thanks to the internet, you can finds answers to

  8.     almost every question: https://www.findreviews.com/the-50-best-pet-blogs-of-2019

A Complete Guide to Pet Ownership for Seniors — This guide covers everything

        you need to know about choosing the right pet for a senior and even includes 

        an infographic with the best dog breeds for seniors, plus tips and tricks for

        choosing a pet: https://www.aplaceformom.com/resources/pets-for-seniors/

  1. Sleeping, Eating and Playing —How to keep your pet healthy:


  1. Guide to Keeping Your Pets Safe at Home — Safety resources that help people

  2.      avoid disasters, as well as, to help prevent easily-avoidable deaths and

  3.      injuries to our beloved pets:


  1. Calculate a Dog’s Years to a Human’s Years — How do you count a dog’s years

  2.       to a human’s years?  A calculator is available:


  1. Help and Education for All Dog Lovers — A publication called Dog Desire

  2.      containing advice for dog lovers around the world: https://www.dogdesires.co.uk/

  1. Guide to Clinical Trials for Pets (government’s) — The newest clinical trials

  2.      geared towards the relationship between humans and their animals and also

  3.      animal health and safety.:

  4.           https://policylab.us/resources/guide-clinical-trials-pets/

  5. Common Plants and Items Poisonous to Dogs — A complete list of plants for

  6.      pet owners to avoid, along with a list of poisonous items in your home:


  1. How to Spot Signs of Poisoning in Dogs and How to React — A comprehensive

  2.      guide to dog poisoning and how you can prevent it:


  1. How to Get Rid of Fleas — Here’s how to identify fleas, the best ways to get rid

  2.      of them and how to keep them out of your home:

  3.           https://housemethod.com/pest/how-to-get-rid-of-fleas/

  1. How to Keep Your Home Free From Pet Hair — There are simple ways to not only

  2.        eliminate the hair that collects around your home but, also, to reduce your  

  3.        pet’s daily contribution to the mess:



  1. Six Pet-Safe Houseplants For Your Home — Although many plants can be

  2.      dangerous, there are many pet-friendly, non-toxic options:

  3.              https://housemethod.com/rooms/pet-safe-houseplants/

  1. Pet Safety Guide — A pet-proofing and emergency safety at home:


  1. A Complete Guide to Pet-Proofing Your Home A home pet safety/hazard guide:


  1. Sharing Your Bed with Your Pet — Great tips on how to co-sleep with your pets

  2.      and still get a good night of sleep:

  3.              https://startsleeping.org/sharing-your-bed-with-your-pet

  1. Helpful Disaster Safety Tips for Pet Owners — A pet owner disaster safety guide

  2.      diving into general preparedness tips, how to plan/pack for disasters, tips for

  3.      taking shelter at home, evacuation safety, and pet safety considerations after

  4.      a disasters: ttps://topdogvitamins.com/pet-disaster-preparedness-guide/

  1. Everything You Need to Know About Renting with Pets — A complete pet guide

  2.      for apartments and rental home: https://www.thezebra.com/pet-rental-guide/

  1. The Complete Guide to Traveling With Dogs — We've covered the everything you

  2.     need to know to bring your dog with you on a road trip.  From daily essentials

  3.     to doggy seat belts to tips for preventing heat exhaustion, you can feel

  4.     confident that your pup is prepared to hit the open road with you:

  5.             https://www.carrentals.com/blog/road-trip-with-your-dog/

  1. Driving with Dogs 101:  How to Keep Your Dog Safe and Happy in the Car     

  2.      includes information on how to keep your pet safe in the car: 

  3.                https://sellmax.com/pet-safety-in-the-car/

  1. Traveling with Your Dog, The complete Guide (2019 Edited) — This extremely

  2.      detailed guide will be packed full of information about traveling with your dog:   


  1. How to Bring Home a New Cat When You Have Other Pets — A comprehensive

  2.       article on how to safely avoid and to solve conflicts when introducing a

  3.       new cat to your dog and/or other pets:   


  1. How Do I Move With Pets? A directory of resources for moving with dogs, cats,

  2.      farm animals, and most every other pet one can have:

  3.              https://www.atlasvanlines.com/moving-tips/how-to-move-guides/moving-pets/pet-services

  4.   Dog and Cat Owners and Their Willingness to Treat Their Pets —  After

      surveying nearly 900 dog and cat owners and licensing date from Trupanion,

      we comlpleted a report regarding common dog and cat conditions:


  1. The Dog Clinic — Offers in-depth guides to help dog owners raise a happy,

  2.      healthy pet.  As an example, check out our mammoth guide to how much

  3.      exercise dogs need: https://www.thedogclinic.com

  1. The New Pet Owners Guide, Health, Safety and Savings Once you decide you   

  2.      want a pet, the pet is your responsibility to love and care for for it's entire life.

  3.      This link  is really helpful and important so that people know what to expect

  4.      before they make the commitment of getting a pet

  5.                 https://couponfollow.com/research/pet-owner-guide

  1. Best Pet Insurance for 2019 — A down-and-dirty pet insurance review:


  1. The Dog Breed Guides With our helpful dog breed guides, you can learn

  2.      more about your favorite breeds, their unique characteristics, and what the

  3.      biggest potential threats to their health can be:

  4.                https://www.petfirst.com/tag/dog-breed-guides/

•  Pet Safety Guide — includes chapters on food safety for pets, pet-proofing,

       along with natural disaster prep for pet owners:


•  Fur Ever Friends, Inc. — promoting rescue, rehabilitation and responsible

       pet ownership:  http://fur-ever-friends.org/

Pet Safety Guide — includes information on disaster preparedness and

      recovery advice for pet owners:


•  Pet Care — a great resource on pet care:


•  Pet Safety — a review of pet safety at home and out of town:


•  State Importation Regulations — a state-by-state interactive map that allows        

       pet owners to easily view the specific veterinary health certificates,

       permits and vaccinations required to move your pet to a new state:


•  Pet Ownership Costs Guide for 2018 — This guide examines the different 

       costs associated with pet ownership and helps you know what to expect,

       how to  plan for these expenses and potential ways to reduce the financial

       burden of pet ownership: https://www.thesimpledollar.com/pet-cost-calculator/

  1. Pet Hospice Hospice is often viewed as a humane way to see a loved one

  2.     through the most fragile moments.  Believe it or not the practice is no longer

  3.     unique to humans.  A burgeoning new industry is selling compassion for pets

  4.     in a hospice environment:


•  Educational Opportunities in Animal Care a college which offers courses    

       in the animal care industry:




  1. Love Animals?  Turn Your Passion Into a Career Find the right animal care

  2.     online course for you:  http://www.tafescourses.com.au/lp/animal-care-courses

•  Pet Photography: 9 tips for taking better photos of your cats and dogs —        

        this article talks about some tips given by pet photographer, Jasper

        Stenger, on how to take awesome pictures of animals and pets:


  1. Pet Safety a interactive pet safety guide for the home:


•  Financial Aid For Pets The ultimate guide to financial aid for pets:


  1. 50 Most Popular Dog Breeds in the World packed with practical tips and

  2.     advice: https://www.jenreviews.com/dog-breeds/

  1. •  Guide to Dispel Common Dog Breed Stereotypes — informative guide to dispel

            common dog breed stereotypes found in TV shows and movies:


  1. •  Medical First Aid and CPR For Pets — information about treating common pet

  2.             pet injuries and emergencies, pet CPR along with preventive measures:


  1. •  Dog Cost Guide information to find out what the unknown costs are in life on

  2.       all sorts of topics with this subpage focusing on dogs only.  Plus....aside from

  3.       our information (which is cited by academic journals, etc.), visitors are able to

  4.       leave the costs they paid, allowing others to see real-time costs on an

  5.       interactive map on our site, assuring visitors they are not overpaying: 

  6.                    howmuchisit.org/dog-costs/

  1. •  Benefits of Pets for Kids This guide is a very comprehensive resource on the

  2.       many benefits of owning pet animals for children.  It also covers what it takes to

  3.       own a pet, why a pet is a healthy addition to any child’s upbringing, how to take

  4.       care of pets, and plenty of other useful advice and information:

  5.                  https://www.directline.com/pet-cover/pets-for-kids

  1. •  Flying With Pets Guide We created a guide that provides the most updated

  2.       information on pet travel restrictions for every airline, including emotional 

  3.       support and service animalsOur guides provides helpful information on every

  4.       aspect of pet travel, such as: pet-friendly airport and relief locations,  pet health  

  5.       requirements for each state and travel rewards and programs offered for flying

  6.       with your pet:

  7.              https://www.creditcards.com/credit-card-news/pets-reward-frequent-flier-miles-1263.php

  8. •  How to Prepare Your Home for a Recovering Pet Guide — Awesome tips on how

  9.        to keep your pets comfortable while recovering from surgery:

  10.             https://www.redfin.com/blog/prep-home-pet-post-surgery

  11. •  Bringing Home Your New Pet:  How to Pet-Proof Your Home Pets can find

  12.        many hazards around the home, and because of this, one should know how to

  13.        properly pet-proof their home before bringing a new furry or feathered member

  14.        of the family home:

  15.              https://www.angieslist.com/articles/bringing-home-your-new-pet-how-pet-proof-your-home.htm

  16. Keeping Pets Safe in the Home There are certain things that should always be

  17.      taking into consideration when animals share a house, and this guide will

  18.      discuss how you can ensure your home is devoid of danger:

  19.                 https://householdquotes.co.uk/keeping-pets-safe/

  20. Help Your Pet Adjust to a New Home Moving tips for dog and cat parents:

  21.                https://blog.hireahelper.com/moving-with-pets/

  22. How Much Do Dogs Sleep? If you’re a dog parent, you know they love to sleep.

  23.     But why do they sleep so much, and are they really dreaming when you see their

  24.     paws twitch in their sleep?https://www.tuck.com/how-much-dogs-sleep/

  25. How to Move Your Dog to a New Home These tips will help you prepare your

  26.     pets before, during and after the move to ensure that the transition is as

  27.     stress-free as possible for everyone, especially your pets:

  28.             https://www.directenergy.com/moving/move-your-pet

  29. Creating a Pet-Friendly Office Policy: What You Need to Know Creating a

  30.      pet-friendly office should be a carefully thought-out decision.  We’ve compiled

  31.      the top things to consider as well as some pros and cons to keep in mind before

  32.      opening your office space to pets: https://www.squarefoot.com/blog/office-pets/

  33. Cost of Owning a DogBefore committing to dog ownership you should

  34.       understand the monetary responsibility involved and adjust your personal

  35.       budget to ensure a positive outcome for both your ad your new best friend:

  36.             https://www.fiscaltiger.com/cost-of-owning-a-dog/

  1. A Complete Guide to Pet-Proofing Your Home— Pet owners have the

       responsibility of making sure their pets can have a safe environment at home,

       and this is particularly true for those with puppies and kittens who are naturally

       inquisitive: https://lahomes.com/pet-safe-home-tips/

  1. My Pet Needs That— The best reviews tips, gears and special offers for pets

        straight to your inbox: https://www.mypetneedsthat.com/

  1. Dog Park Safety — How to spot agressive dogs:


  1. Feeding Pets The Natural Way — “100% Natural • No Preservatives • No Fillers” —

       Frozen pet food, chews, treats, freeze-dried, grain-free kibble, supplements

       and more: https://www.shareasale.com/shareasale.cfm?merchantID=63436


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